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Today is Mike's 18th birthday. He waited for this for a long time, so much new things he can do now. His parents went to work and he was allowed to stay home. Their next-door neighbor Maggie whose lawn Mike mows for pocket money decided to give this guy a perfect birthday present. She came over to his house and took away his virginity! He got a perfect blowjob and then, this awesome milf showed him how to fuck a woman in several hot positions. She had a beautiful orgasm and he creamed her stomach with his hot, sticky sperm!
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Living all alone can be tough on anyone. Sometimes even simplest of tasks seem impossible without help. When Leila had to move some furniture around she called Owen and asked him to over and help her. He did and when they both got hot and sweaty she decided to take a break and thank Owen for his help by giving him a blowjob. Should I say that after she laid her sweet lips on his cock all that furniture was left untouched for the next couple of days? They were fucking like crazy, thoroughly enjoying each other!
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When you spend a lot of time with a person of opposite sex, you are bound to develop an attraction. Just like these two, Bob and Martha. He is a simple, hardworking farm boy and she is his English teacher tutoring him for college. One day after class they were having a cup of coffee and he came on to her. Luckily this hot MILF was a pretty cock hungry thing and she jumped the guy with shocking passion and waves of sexual energy. Sucked his cock and made him fuck her snatch in every imaginable position!
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Matthew is a live in assistant for Berta. Since she had a stroke at 40 it was a bit hard for her to live alone so she hired a guy. Matthew is a little bit sick too, but mostly mentally. Instead of hot girls he loves mature babes in their mid 40s, early 50s. He waited for the perfect moment to seduce and fuck Berta and today the opportunity finally presented itself! She got merry and horny and responded to his compliments well. Couple of minutes later she was on her knees sucking on Matthew's hard cock and after a blowjob he gave her a proper hour long fucking which made her feel young again!



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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed
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